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The best place for DFS in District of Columbia.

Are you a sports fan in District of Columbia looking to play daily fantasy sports (DFS)? You came to the right place! BettDraft Daily Fantasy Sports is a favorite among Washingtonians, offering fantastic payouts and an opportunity to roster players from your favorite teams like the Cowboys, Texans, Mavericks, Stars and more.

BettDraft Provides The Best Payouts in District of Columbia!

Experience the excitement of daily fantasy sports with BettDraft! Join now and enjoy the thrill of playing for up to 125X Payouts. As a new member, you'll receive $10 Free Play with no deposit required. Plus, take advantage of our $100 First Deposit Match bonus. BettDraft is the ultimate destination for daily fantasy sports fans in District of Columbia.

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports on BettDraft in District of Columbia.

To start, you'll select players from one of the many sports offered on BettDraft. Each player has various potential stat projections, and you'll start by building your roster with at least two different players. Once you've chosen your players, you'll predict whether their actual performance will be More or Less than their projected stats. Set your entry fee and submit your lineup. Entry fees start at just $1 and the more players you add to your roster, the bigger the payout.

District of Columbia FAQs

Can I play Daily Fantasy Sports in District of Columbia?

Yes. Daily Fantasy Sports contests are permitted in District of Columbia.

Is BettDraft legal in District of Columbia?

Yes. BettDraft is available in District of Columbia.

Can I withdraw my winnings easily on BettDraft in District of Columbia?

Yes, We offer a range of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing at BettDraft.

Can I add March Madness players to may DFS roster in District of Columbia?

Yes, BettDraft offers Collage Basketball players for most March Madness games in District of Columbia.